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Focus group facilities and marketing research field services in Connecticut
Let us be your Connecticut Connection.

large-scale prerecruits

Music and large scale prerecruited studies to most locations in Connecticut.

Recruiting to off-site locations, to hotel facilities, and to our Farmington Amphitheater.

We prerecruit from two or three respondents to several hundred respondents.


Computer and usability studies. High-speed data lines, computers, and picture-in-picture

recording of sessions at our facilities.

Video streaming of sessions and research to remote clients.

taste tests

Food studies, taste testing, and kitchen with viewing mirror in our Farmington facility.

Use our Amphitheater for large taste tests.

special populations

Children and teens, all types of consumers, smokers, voters, teachers, professionals,

business owners, Hispanics (we have Hispanic recruiters) and minorities.

Recruiting and interviewing services with a staff that exhibits extraordinary professionalism.

Database of over 40,000 respondents as an aid in recruiting or interviewing hard-to-find


About Connecticut Connection

We offer focus group and field research throughout Connecticut. Our Farmington and
North Haven focus group rooms are designed for optimal research and maximum client
comfort. We can recruit two or three respondents, or recruit hundreds of respondents for
your project. In either case you will receive the care and professionalism you expect from
a firm that has been providing quality service since 1980. Let us be your Connecticut

Year after year Connecticut Connection earns the highest rating
for facility, recruiting and marketing research field services. More importantly,
we are focused on you and your project, and have the fun and enjoyment
of working with you on it.

We welcome your comments and insights. To speak directly to our director,
call (860) 677-2877. To email, please CLICK HERE.